Valerie Layton

Letter From Pat Kennedy (1-14- 1940)

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In this letter, Pat Kennedy writes again to Valerie. Pat had momentarily misplaced Valerie's address but has regained contact. She inquires on whether or not she had contacted "her people" and hopes she and her family are well. World War II is yet to impact the writer directly, though she does complain about the increase in prices and the depleting stock market. She is preparing for the Camera Club Exhibition. 


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Anthony Hughes Letter 1-14-1940  - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

137, Sunday's Well.


14th Jan. 1940

My dear Valeri[a],

It seems an age since I said How do you do? In selecting my cards at Xmas, I was much disturbed to find I hand mislaid your address. I intended to write to Miss Carpenter to ask her to send it on.

Many thanks for your nice card which reached me safely. I have been thinking about you and wondering if you are able to communicate with your people. This war is a very sad business for all. Our constant prayers are that it may be brought to a speedy conclusion. Please write and tell me your news.

I sincerely hope your family are well and safe.

So far the horrors of war have not touched us, except in soaring prices and difficulty in getting some goods. Accounts from London are not so bright as that I fear, and I understand that the rationing scheme is in full force.
Give me some details in your next letter.

I am very busy preparing for the Camera Club Exhibition which takes place in the last week of this month. I am sending in six pictures. They look really nice to me, but will be very elementary efforts when compared with the expert entries of the more experienced members.

Still it will be a proud moment for me to see my poor prints hanging in such elite company.

I am arranging a lecture for my own club this month also, so you will see I am kept moving. Well my dear Valerie, my best wishes to you & yours. Sincerely, Pat Kennedy.

Contents Outside Envelope:


1245 PM




Mrs. V. Layton

9, Burstock Road,


London. S.W.15.

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