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MARCH 2018

The fourth Text Technologies Collegium in March 2018 celebrated Parker 2.0 (#Parker2). Parker on the Web, a digital repository representing a major collaboration between Stanford University Libraries, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, and the Mellon Foundation, was first launched in 2007. In January 2018, the repository made its full contents available free and Open Access, bringing hundreds of digitized medieval and early modern manuscripts from Matthew Parker’s world-famous collections to all scholars, students, and interested viewers. This Text Technologies Collegium, hosted by Elaine Treharne and Benjamin Albritton, with additional support from Stanford University Libraries, brought together a group of internationally renowned specialists to explore, through intense discussion, the profound impact of this manuscript collection in its digital existence.

This Collegium sought to investigate the uses of digital avatars in manuscript, textual, and art historical studies. Scholars were paired in highly productive sessions that considered manuscripts from the perspectives of date, localization, materiality, method of production, and functionality. This Collegium further sought to explore an interdisciplinary framework of analysis for the study of the relationship between texts and their physical contexts, while appreciating the opportunities and challenges of the digital representation of a tangible, often hefty object. We heard from art historians and linguists, cultural historians and palaeographers, whose work on individual manuscripts significantly advanced current knowledge. Ben Albritton, Georgia Henley and Elaine Treharne are now editing a volume containing essays based on these presentations.


Research Projects

Faculty Director: Elaine Treharne Associate Director: Dan Kim Graduate Coordinator: Steele Douris

Recent News

Jun 21 2018
Stanford Text Technologies hosted its fourth annual collegium on the theme of Parker 2.0 from March 25-28, 2018. In April, we welcomed Dr Myriah Williams as a Text Technologies Fellow; and in May, we were thrilled to host--in collaboration with Ng Humanities House, Tintagel archaeologist, Jacky...