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Stanford Text Technologies asks whose voices are heard in the human record from the earliest times to the present day

We are especially interested in textual objects (books, documents, tablets, scrolls, graffiti, photographs)—how they are designed, made, and function, and what they mean culturally and socially

Perceptions of Medieval Manuscripts (OUP, 2022)

New Book! Perceptions of Medieval Manuscripts: The Phenomenal Book

Perceptions of Medieval Manuscripts: The Phenomenal Book, takes as its starting point an understanding that a medieval book is a whole object at every point in its long history. Medieval books can be studied most profitably as objects-in-the-world. This holistic approach reveals the book's life from the moment of its production to its use, collection, breaking-up, and digitization. From famous manuscripts, like the Lichfield Gospels to the small prayerbook of Elizabeth of York, Treharne investigates the biographies of books and the traces of their users to reveal new stories from the past.

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