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Beowulf By All

This project was conceived in early 2016 to counter the publications and statements of a small number of Anglo-Saxonists, whose comments and agenda were and are elitist, exclusionary, misogynistic, and anti-feminist. This is a community project, where anyone was invited to contribute translations of Beowulfto form a new version of the poem. We represent students, interested members of the public, scholars from all fields, librarians and archivists, long-time medievalists, lapsed medievalists, outraged inclusionists, and joyous fans of Old English. To cite this work, begin with your own name, lines translated, in Beowulf by All (2016); for example, “Leonora Long, lines 155-185, Beowulf by All (2018)”. Passages in italics are still waiting for new translators. Please do help finishing this completely. If you discover errors, please email