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Letter From Lilli Brunner (02-28-1937)

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About The Letter - 

In this letter, Lilli Brunner (a friend of Valerie's) writes to Valerie. Valerie had sent a letter to Lilli's sick father, which she appreciates. Lilli is struggling with unemployment. She then brings up potentially mutual friends and book recommendations - Lilli is attempting to learn English by reading newspapers. 

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Lilli Brunner Letter 02-28-1937 - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

Raggerking, 28th of February 1937

My Dear Vally,

To-day Hausi is in Vienna and so I want to devote my free Sunday after-noon to you. I was so glad to see you on Xmas, even when it was truly a short hour. Last week my father wrote me and said that you had sent him a nice letter, he is now very proud, that you think of him. I am sorry to say that he is not quite well again and was not yet able to leave the house. He passed a treatment to reduce his weight and finds he is better now. Since Xmas I was already twice in Vienna; the last time a farnight ago I spoke with your mother, who said we, that your father left just this day Vienna to visit his Laura. I am wondering how he found his little granddaughter. This Bella was on Friday at his house, as she was busy in the neighborhood.

And how did you my dear spend the time since your return from Austria? I hope you have passed the winter very well and the flue was not a quest in your house. 

I was like usually in this time very busy, every day & came late home eventually as my younger chief does not work very much and so still won’t work 




in left for me. The question of working so Vienna is still did but the affairs are not very bad and so I don’t know if it is not better to stay here, but most think better to leave in the working a good position than to be in Vienna unemployed. Though I am glad to leave the position I am not like the best mood. But is so lovely here and should like sometimes to go to a lecture or to a good concert or a good play. The fact people you can speak with are old and have other interests as cooking and other domestic topics. Therefore, I am very glad, that the young wife of the Frienkerg works in the office too. She is very intelligent and so I can have here and there a talk with her. They invite me always to come to their home, but very seldom I have time to do it. The first spare hours I have I like to take walks with Hausi. This winter in Eggenking was much snow many people were ski-ing at the mountains. If in certainty not so nice than in learning all or at the Race, but it sure is we can have this sport here too. Marianne was recently at Venkerg au der luiz and she has complained that she has forgotten all she has learnt last year. I think I should never learn ski-ing as I was so unskillful at skating. But what about your skating. Are you still going in the skating (race). Soon spring will come and you can enjoy your new hobby: riding. I am missing very much the bodily exercise, if we should come to Vienna, I should immediately begin again to take gyuire lessons and go for swimming. 

How I can go only to Vienna, where I have seen recently some good friend  




though they were not quite knew. Haldence knew with a new star Geraldine Kathrin is very nice, Burgtheater with Werner Kraus was very fine too as well as Allubria and Meine Offizielle Frau. The novel of my official wife you will often read by beginners. I am now very lazy with English, only here and there I get newspapers from Marianne, which I study thoroughly. The weekly of the launches her quarainau is really very interesting especially the book reviews make I like very much as we reads at least the critics of new books. Now I had a very interesting book in German: Schliemann die Geschichte eines Goldsucher bei Emil Ludwig. If you have one day the opportunity to read this book I can recommend it very much. This man has known many languages and was able to learn some languages seven months very well. He was in his youth a good merchant who earned much gold until afterwards he was interested in archaeology and had more success than many learned men. I pity only that I don’t understand anything of archaeology and so I could not quite follow this chapter. Beside this book I had this winter not much time for reading books. I read another book of Grete Webaunity by: Der bhihenae Garten, but I was not at all enchanted. I can not understand that a woman is thinking always in the sensual moment of life have. She describes the love of (the) to each other, which I find quite unnaturally. 




The other day I got an Izelract of an article in the wakind, which I copied for you and send you herewith. The prescription of being happy is very nice, but who is clever enough to live like that. I think you made a little bit of this gift, am I not right?

As there are no goings on here I shall finish my letter. I cannot only tell you that my mother wrote you to your birthday and changed the address she wrote to Acton mark and so I think, that you did not get mother’s greetings. The begs you pardon and gives you her love. 

Kindest regards from Hausi and lots of love.

Your friend who likes

you very much,



Have you had your hair bobbed? Excuse my bad writing but I am not at all astounded to write English words.

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