Valerie Layton

Letter From Jacqueline M. Kempees (7-15-1939)

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About The Letter - 

In this letter, Pat Kennedy writes to Valerie. She has jokingly taught her dog to "heil Hitler" and inquires about how Valerie's country is faring in World War II. Pat has sent Valerie a souveiner from her country, Ireland - a shamrock - and mentions that she is attending a lecture at the Camera Club, which is taught by a German who speaks eloquent English. 

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Anthony Hughes Letter 3-22-1939  - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:


Your very attractive card arrived today. I love animals I have a dear, little cairn terrier who gives the ‘Heil Hitler’ on request. 

Talking about Hitler, has he not annexed your country too? I doubt you wrote since. Are your family in his zone + what do they think of the change? One of our club members has just returned from a ski-ing holiday. I asked her did she see any of those alpine sticks + climbing ropes. You recall you sent me a pretty souvenir. I was disappointed to hear she did not see them. 

I was an invited guest at a Camera Club lecture last night, it was given by a German; a lecturer attached to the Agfa Photo Co. His English was perfect, and he had in addition that very rare thing for a male, an exquisite voice. He showed some lovely color films of Germany + England. 

Your friend Miss Carpenter + I have developed quite a correspondence. I sent some shamrock too. I regret now

I did not send you a larger box. I did imagine your friends would be keen to have some. Shamrock is such a commonplace thing here, that you forget it might be very welcome to those who cannot procure it.

Is there such a firm in London as Trimfit Co. Ltd. 450 Regent St. and do they sell novelties, brooches, pine fobs etc? I am anxious to get a catalogue of these affairs for a friend. You will be able to find out by a glance in directory. I hope it is not too

much trouble.

How are your own private interests going on. I have had two offers of marriage in spite of the fact that I am not yet out of mourning. One is a retired English military captain. He is a widower too. He is willing to change his religion, tho, I would not expect him or even allow him to do that!  Should I marry him we will live in Southampton. But I think nothing will come of this affair but although he is very nice + has many good qualities, he has two great drawbacks, he is rather old and he received dreadful wounds in the last war, + he is therefore more or less an invalid. I may sound callous but I have no desire to undertake another delicate man. For this reason I don’t think it will amount to anything serious. Do you contemplate any change?  Or are you, perfectly happy in your glorious freedom? Over your wish on condition you write – by return. NOT IF NOT.

Contents Outside Envelope:


330 PM

22 MAR



Mrs. V. Layton

4, Atney Road


London S.W.15.

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