Valerie Layton

Letter From Edward Layton (07-17- 1940)

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About The Letter - 

In this letter, Edward Layton writes to Valerie. Valerie has recently lost her job and is searching for a new role. Valerie had sent Edward a lot of letters, but they are not forwarded directly to him so he cannot reply quickly. She has also been asking him for money, which he claims not to have (apparently he is in debt). Valerie has developed a new boarding-house scheme. Edward gives her advice, then suggests she go into banking, since it lines up with her interests. He suggests setting up a partnership with a mysterious, "Mrs. Jones."

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Front of Envelope:




8:45 PM




Mrs. V.L. Layton

9. Burstock Road,





17.7.40. BM/RLoo


Dear Valerie,

Your letter to hand. I am[ , ] of course[ , ] sorry to hear of your difficulties in finding employment – how about typing work in the A.T.S.?

As to your various letters not being answered, I have previously explained [to opa] that I cannot be sure of receiving letters quickly, and am not often in a position to reply. My letters are not forwarded when I go away, but await my return. You should know that in these times it is impossible to make 


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place for anything – duties are urgent and [must] come before anything else. 

As for the financial arrangement you suggest, it seems that you still refuse to accept my repeated statements that I have no money available. If it were possible for you to examine my accounts you would find that I owe nearly twice the amount you suggest I should advance to you!

It[‘]s a regrettable state of affairs and I rarely permit myself to think of it – merely hoping that some day I may be able to pay off my debts. 

As for your boarding-house scheme itself, I am sure you would succeed if hard work were the only thing needed. But it is necessary to put the right type of house in the right locality – and with good prospects of conditions remaining permanent. Why not a little art shop somewhere? – or some other form of commercial art. With your talent[s] it is surely not necessary to [restrict] yourself to office work, although the present conditions do not make job finding particularly easy.


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I’m sure with your pluck and persistence you will find success in one way or another.

Incidentally, I am told that it is not difficult nowadays to obtain a post in a bank – and you are certainly interested in figures and dates – why not try in that direction?

Best of luck–


P.S. Why not fix up [a] partnership with Mrs. Jones?

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