Valerie Layton

Letter From Brian Ashford-Young (08-30-1938)

Brian, Ashford, Young, Valerie, Layton, 1938, Letter, London, Grief, Relationship, Promiscuity

About The Letter - 

In this letter, Brian Ashford-Young writes to Valerie. The two seem to have a fleeting relationship with some disagreement about the nature of that relationship. Brian is suffering as his mother and father had fallen ill and his father had died.

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Brian Ashford-Young Letter 08-30-1938 - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

August 30th. 1938.

Valerie dear,

Your letter addressed to Tile House has just arrived here and there are really two reasons why I have not been writing of late.

Firstly, I admit I needed you very much physically and completely on occasions and not having you had left me quite nervy and restless and it seemed so futile to write to you, get myself all excited at the prospect of being in your arms, being loved by you and possessing you.

I have wanted to write many times and tell you how very wrong you were in your letters but a tragedy happened when I needed you most.

My Mother telephoned from the island to say my father had been taken very ill and rushed to a nursing home.

I hurried down to the island and stayed with them for a week, but Dad died after a week’s illness and following an operation which, had he lived, would have left him a permanent and incurable invalid. As it is he did not suffer as he would have done in

life, but it was a terrible shock to us and particularly to my mother who is now recovering a little.

I stayed there and made all the arrangements as Dad would have wished and then returned to London bringing my Mother with me for a rest. She stayed a week and then my sister came up to town. She is staying with me now and as soon as we can get out of the Tile House we shall take a small place near town and I shall go backwards and forwards to the office each day.

I should very much like to see you again Valerie, but as it is so long since I did I could not do so without wanting you completely for to even think of you makes me just terribly excited and upsets my nerves.

I am not making any conditions, but you must just please yourself whether you would care to love me and be loved. I know you will want to sit down and write a letter telling me just what constitutes love but I am afraid we shall always disagree about that.

My ‘phone number at home is FROBISHER 3631, if you do want to see me and need loving too.

Take care of yourself,



Front of Envelope:



30 AUG



Miss Valerie Layton-Franzky,

4, Atney Road,


S.W. 15.

Back of Envelope:




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