Valerie Layton

Letter From Albert Young (12-24-1937)

Albert, Young, Valerie, Layton, 1937, Letter, Christmas, Piano, Skating

About The Letter - 

In this letter, Albert Young writes to Valerie. They are very recent friends, having met for the first time a year ago. Valerie is fond of skating, while Albert enjoys playing the piano. Albert wishes they were closer so they could spend Christmas together (he might have harbored romantic feelings). 

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Albert Young Letter 12-24-1937 - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

86 Faraday Grove,


Gateshead 8,

Co. Durham,

December 24th 1937.

Dear Mrs Layton, 

I’ve just snatched a few moments in which to say how charmed I was to have your note and to thank you so much for the pretty card. Only twelve months ago we were to all intents strangers but Christmas time is here again I’d like to express how glad I am to count ‘you’ a friend and warmly reciprocate your greetings - I trust you will have a jolly time and the New Year dawn a sunny one for you - bright and clean with happy days to come. 

Well we have had some very severe weather but the snow has now all gone and today has been quite mild and quite spring-like. There was quite a lot of skating - the park close by was opened some nights last week for skating on the lake.



I suppose you inherit your [emended from this] fondness for skating etc; from your native land and I imagine what jolly times you would have. 

With regard to the holidays, we are open tomorrow from 2 p.m. but as soon as I give my last recital I am dashing off home until Monday morning. On Wednesday morning we are giving a free performance to 500 of the poor children of the town after which we all assist in giving each child a toy and a packet of fruit and sweets. Early in January we have a cinema ball - this is an annual affair and is very jolly - after that all will be back to normal.

And what have you been doing of late - I suppose London will have been looking gay and full of colour. I expect the last few weeks have been busy for you and understand how you want to take it easy. It would have been nice, don’t you think, if we had been nearer, to have spent a little time together this Xmas and discussed books and 



music - by the way, would you tell me, please, who is your favorite native composer.

Well I’ll have to say good-bye to you now with my very good wishes for the coming year - this I wish in its best meaning. 


Yours sincerely,  

Albert Young [signed]

Front of Envelope:


5 PM

26 DEC


Mrs. V. Layton,

11 Parkview Court,


London S.W.6

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