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Jan 9 2012 | Posted In: Blog post
What an interesting and perplexing medium Twitter is. For the everyday humdrum tweets (few of which I subscribe to), I'm sure it's random and sporadically amusing; for celebrity updates, no doubt it feeds the frenzy of interest in mundane comings and goings (frequently screenshotted into newspaper...
Dec 14 2011 | Posted In: Blog post
The benefits of looking at books holistically, whether they are manuscript or print books, is borne out by my discovery in March 2010 of a Latin love poem written in the sixteenth century. While I was visiting West Virginia University to give a lecture at the invitation of Professor Pat Conner, I...
Dec 5 2011 | Posted In: Blog post
Attributed to the founder of the 'vile' website, 4Chan, 'Anonymity is Authenticity' is a thought-provoking soundbite, worth considering in relation to text technologies, broadly speaking.
Nov 16 2011 | Posted In: Blog post
The History of Text Technologies includes the history of music, from the earliest recorded works, which are predominantly monodic chants written into liturgical works through neumes, to complex multi-track recordings, to digital music, much of which can be composed and published without the use of...
Nov 14 2011 | Posted In: Blog post
I've talked about the fear of the loss of the book as an object on this blog before, and with that fear, the commensurate alarm that we are witnessing the demise of the bookshop.