Letter from S.H. Harenc to Mrs. H.H. Sproule (11-04-1932)

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In this letter, S.H. Harenc writes to Mrs. H.H. Sproule. They discuss their families, and Harenc asks Sproule to wind up his Cuckoo Clock.

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Front of Envelope:





W. 8

Mrs H H Sproule


West Malvern



12 Strathmore Gds


Nover 4th 1932

My dearest Evelyn

It was ‘nice’ getting your letter and your news about Andrew. We were so glad to hear that he was living in the [....] Bungalow as that nice Major Knight who I think he knew before so it must make Andrew feel as if he had friends near him and also being in his Fathers old [........] he will be sure to meet people who knew Col Sproule so now you must Both feel

about his life out in India Laney him having been out in India a year. How glad Rosen muer? must be to be landing today for I am afraid they must have had a rough [......] [...] beginning to the [...]. I see by Rogers paper which he gave me that he repeated to arrive at Ferayepove on the 5th tomorrow tell us if you see anything about their arrival in the papers. He is sure to have a good reception from his Rest. Do give Sara our congratulations on henny? I cared that there out of the [....] goals that were [......]

Worcestershire. I hope you got a good tea yourself in the Josen, and that Col Sproule was now [...] loose for watching the game no wonder you were all very tired next day. Freddie arrived quite safely on Monday as I think she wrote and told you she says she cannot remember if she locked up her dressing room door. If you go to the Lower Hall would you have a look and see if the key is in her door, if it is will you lock it and bring her the key when you come up. Also would you wind up my Cuckoo Clock. Halfway & stop it, Freddie forgot to do so.

and if the weights are resting on the floor it sports the works. You have to hold the pendulum for a second as the clock goes on again. I with Glady’s help have nearly got all the rooms here updated & put straight & Fredie has undone the Silver so we shall be ready for you when you come up & Sara too. Tell Col Sproule that I think we could make him warm and comfortable if he [....] to come. His [....] will be turned out tomorrow. It has been quiet warm here today Sara is having a gay time when [....] she come up for her dance the other side of London

[on the top of the first page written horizontally]

She had better break her [......] here. I suppose you would come up with her? Adieu dear

Ever love

E S H Harenc

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