Valerie Layton

Letter From Pat Kennedy (12-30-1938)

Corry, Back, Valerie, Layton, 1938, Letter, Norway, Housing, Music, Jacqueline, Kempees

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In this letter, Corry de Back writes to Valerie, asking if Valerie had bought a house. Corry studies music and has recently gone to live on her own. She visited Norway briefly. She briefly brings up Jacqueline Kempees, whom Corry does not know. 

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Corry de Back Letter 12-30-1938  - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

Corry de Back

Graff Florisstraat 45 Rotterdam, December 30th 1938.




Dear Mrs. Layton,

Please do not think I have forgotten to write you a letter in reply to your last one, which I promised in the card I sent you when being on holiday in France. You know yourself how little time there is left for writing letters when having a busy job and besides that all sorts of other things to do.

I hope you are quite well and that you feel yourself at home at your new address.

Did you find a house already which is wroth while buying?  It would be splendid to have a house of your own, but indeed it would entail a great responsibility, although this could perhaps be shared if you would share the house with some of your friends from Vienna.

Just in September last I have left my parents’ house and I am now living on my own. This was a trial but I think I am not going to return. The first six weeks I have lived in a house for professional women, but since the 1st of November I am staying in the Boarding-Establishment of the Rotterdam Housewifery School.

In Rotterdam a flat is going to be built where professional women will be able to live quite on their own and I am waiting for this flat to be ready. The difficulty with me is that I am studying music in the evening and I find it my duty to say so right from the beginning.

I am anxious to learn how you have spent your summer holidays. I hope you made a good choice.

I think I wrote you already that I have been in Norway in August for about a fortnight, viz. in Anvik near Larvik, a nice I.F.L.centre situated on the Farris Lake, which is beautiful. We could swim and row near the house as much as we liked and we had nice weather during out stay and during the voyage, which I made by the Fred. Olsen steamers “Bali” and “Biarritz” and which was marvellous. There was a girl from Amsterdam, Elly Chits, who occasionally had made the same booking, so we travelled together. It was only a pity that in the centre at Anvik there were not many I.F.L. members, which was incomprehensible to me.

There were more people in St. Malo-de-la-Lande, where I spent a third week (having some days left from my last year’s holidays), but these had not all come as members of the I.F.L. Also there I had a good time. Perhaps I am going to France again at Whitsuntide for a week.


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