Valerie Layton

Letter From Hospital (1-1940)

Anthony, Hughes, Valerie, Layton, 1939, Letter, Hospital

About The Letter - 

In this letter, a card is sent from a hospital to Valerie, confirming that Anthony is doing well and will be released soon. 

A Little Bit About Anthony Hughes - 

Anthony Hughes was a friend of Valerie’s. From what we know so far, it seems as if Anthony didn’t get to know Valerie until sometime late in 1939. Since Anthony was enlisted in the military around the same time he got to know Valerie, he was limited in what he could say to her. He couldn’t share opinions regarding the war or share personal life details due to heavy censorship. What we do know about him is that he seems to be well-educated and comes from a well-off background. He details having a butler and receiving a scholarship while attending the London School of Economics. Before the war, he lived in Clapham Park. During the war, he worked at night as a duty clerk. By 1940, espite the war keeping them apart, Anthony details that Valerie knows him well enough to send him a box of things he liked for Christmas.

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Anthony Hughes Letter 1-1940  - Transcript

NOTHING is to be written on this side except the date and signature of the sender. Sentences not required may be erased. If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed.  

[Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card addressed to the sender of this card.]


I am quite well. 

I have been admitted into hospital.

{sick, wounded} and am going on well and hope to be released soon. I am being sent down to the base. I have received your {letter dated, telegram, parcel} Letter follows at first opportunity. I have received no letter from you {lately, for a very long time}

Signature only} (signature)


[7576] 29397/1186 500m(15) 9/39 G & S 704

Forms/ A2042/7.

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