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Letter from F. Harenc to Mrs. H.H. Sproule (11-21-1932)

Harenc, Sproule, Letter, F., S.H.

About The Letter - 

In this letter, F. Harenc writes again to Mrs. H.H. Sproule. Having neglected this before, F. Harenc finally responds to Sproule's letter. F. discusses updates regarding family and sends some desserts to Mrs. Sproule. 

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Front of Envelope:



23 NOV



Mrs H. H. Sproule


West Malvern



Back of Envelope:


PW 4 30

Scun[.........] 8


Kent Clun[..] Court


12 Strathmore Gardens

Kensington W 8

November 21rt 1932

Dearest Evelyn

I have never answered your nice letter to me, so I take up my pen to do so now. In the first place, when are you coming to pay us a visit. I think you Sara’s dance come off. This month, and not in December, and that you would like to come here, with her, for a few days, for the night of her dance, her Hostess is saying to put her up. Are they your friends who live at Weybridge, when you all went to the Wedding of one of the daughters? Afterwards, Sara could [......] you here, & stay a little longer, if Col Sproule is all right again. Yesterday, Mrs. bell with Jonathan & his Bunian wife all came to tea. She looked quite pretty, & now talks English very well. Which I think abovet it, has that young woman who come to you. Us temporary cooks got a place yet, & what [.....]  is she [.....] for a permanent [......] Doris has get a great [..] going to spend times with her Father & Mother. Most inconvenient! And I think will take out fun

for a situation in Wales. She said it would be nice to be nearer her own home Edie is writing her letter to Andrew for Xmas and I must make ha[...], & write mine to Moser. We are sending Andrew a bit of chocolate moser & muer a cake for their Xmas  tea, both from Buryards. Do let us know as soon as you can the date of yr bint to us - and the hour, and whoit the [....], if you can find out without much trouble, I like to be prepared a little & what wayes she would want, you could [...] her we go [...] to Ledbury every summer, & then she could have her holiday - I hope Col Sproule is really better, and yourself well I should [....] to have seen the exhibition of China at the Park. Best of love to you and Sara from us both

[...] ever [.....] [...]

F Harenc

WE had a few lines [..] Buyer when he stopped at Delhi for a few hours, & joined Muer in the evening at Feroyepou 

This is Nov 23rd 16th, and

[.....]!! Very cold, look like a

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