Valerie Layton

Letter From D. Van Altueer (1-21- 1940)

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About The Letter - 

In this letter, the authors (who are Valerie's aunts) writes to Valerie. The letter reveals that Valerie sent her aunt a birthday card. So did her parents for Christmas, and they are doing well. This author is currently in Holland and has not been "called up," presumably for the war. 


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D. Van Aluteer Letter 1-21-1940  - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

Amsterdam 21st January 1940

Dear Vally,

In the first place, our congratulation on your birthday and we will hope, your next birthday may be in a better time? We hope, you will speedily find a good position. 

We thankfully received your wishes for Auntie’s birthday and for Christmas and New Year.

Also from your parents and Lona we became a card for Christmas, and all they are quite well.

Also in Holland, we are all in a good condition, and nobody of our family has been called up.

We hope our country will remain without the war and our fervent prayer is a speedy end of the force of arms. 

How likes your nice little flat? That it may bring you a good luck and a great part of works. We think always of you and should readily speak you in person. 


We always remember your visit by Passover 1937. That is never to be forgotten. And the serenade from your English friends by taking leave. 


Please, dear Vally, excuse my mistakes, but it is a long time ago that I have learned English. 


Well, my dear, at last many kind regards from auntie Dina and all the other friends, but specially from 


Your Auntie Jo and Uncle Daan and Bobby (signed)

[underneath the date in pencil is a note that LW 27.1 / sent 31.1 / This is probably to be interpreted as 'Letter Written' by Valerie on the 27th and sent on the 31st]

Outside of Envelope, Front:

Written in English




Mrs. Valley Layton

9 Burstock Road


London S.W.15


Outside of Envelope, Back:

Afn. D. van Altueer

Willem de Zwijgerlaan 88



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