Letter from Cooler to Mrs. H.H. Sproule (05-15-1932)

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This letter is addressed to Miss H.H. Sproule. The writer congratulates Miss Sproule over her accomplishments with golf, which the writer finds tiring. "Miss Martin" appears to be doing better, and the two - with several other family members - plan on meeting up at a coming wedding. 

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Front of Envelope:



16 MAY



Mrs HH Sproule


West Malvern





May 22 15

My dearest Evelyn,

We were most interested in reading your letter which covered last night and we congratulate you on your success at Golf. It must have been rather tring, playing the two days, I call Golf a hard & exhausting game, and very plucky of you to attempt the second day, but admit over exert myself dear Evelyn. It must have been a comfort having Sara to drive you back.

I hope Muer got home safely yesterday - In a Sunday Paper that Doris had, she said she saw that all the roads immediately outside London were so blocked with cars, that they only moved at a Loris pace!! I hope she kept the man with her all the way. I am glad to hear that Mrs. Martin is so much better, it seems rather sad if she goes away just as her son is returning home!! And I should have thought the journey would be rather tiring for her, even with Muer to help

But of course the know bert what she can do, we also heard [....] Moger, I wonder if he will get his Leave. I can’t remember if your wedding is next Wednesday 18th, or the following. Bee comes to us on Monday 23rd, and Edie has taken tickets for a matinee on Wednesday 25th, I shall be at home, Edie is having a new chair made, but has given strict information to make it too long. We have not got our bauchess yet from General Maxwell, but when he acknowledge our payment for them, he said they were to follow. I hope it will be fine for June 2nd, it

Will be fun, us all meeting there, Franny Martin to putting up Muer, I think it is for that date, Muer was very quick in getting all she wanted & looked nice in the two hats. She showed us, it had been getting warm here Today. It has suddenly [...] so dark that I think there is going to be a Storm, I always think that any sort of shen does for Hurlingham as long as one has a nice hat and long coat. However I have seen a dress that I think I am sorry to have!!! Edie sends her love & congratulations, with mine. Alrven nice message to your Husband & says hope he is moved of his [....]

[on the top side of the first page]

Performance at Golf!! Love to Sara Thine [.....] F. Harenc The thunder-storm did come torrents of 2 air a vivid Harh of lightning & a loud def of thunder then it passed lit is much cooler.

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