Valerie Layton

Letter From Albert Young (07-29-1938)

Albert, Young, Valerie, Layton, 1938, Letter, Shows

About The Letter - 

In this letter, Albert Young writes again to Valerie. The two first started writing to each other this time last year. Albert asks if Valerie had seen any shows, though he also says this is not the time.

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Albert Young Letter 07-29-1938 - Transcript

Contents Inside Envelope:

Dear Mrs Layton,

Thank you for the card - it was kind of you. When first I saw it I thought you must be on holiday, but as you say you may next month. I expect to go on mine the week after next and like you I am hoping to see plenty of sun. At the moment I have not decided where I might go. I suppose you will be feeling the need of your vacation- it is a time when one feels the want to relax and forget about all mundane things. 


By the way, was it not about this time of last year when we first wrote?- how time passes. 

And how are you?- are you busy or is thus one of your slack times. I expect London will be fairly empty just now- do you pass much of your time in the parks? Last Sunday I took a trip to a sea-side place up the Northern *land coast - on leaving Newcastle one could not breathe it was so salty, but strange to say it was rather cold at the coast and made me think twice of having a dip- have you done any swimming of late?

Have you been to any shows? Of course, this is not the time for that, and things are pretty slack. 



Well, my friend, it is late, I must be stopping - let me have your news very soon, please, I like having your letters so much. I know you will not always feel like sitting down to write after a long day, but, believe me, I like learning from you and I will look forward to your next - in the meantime cheerio. 

Yours very sincerely,

Albert Young (Signed)

Front of Envelope:


Mrs V. Layton,

4 Atney Road,


London S.W.15.

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