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Women and Gender Minorities in Digital Humanities

Women in Digital Humanities

Jan 16 2019

Stanford Text Technologies, with Stanford University Libraries, is delighted to announce the upcoming Collegium--"Women and Gender Minorities in Digital Humanities" on May 29th to 31st. Our speakers include Deb Verhoeven (our keynote speaker), Miriam Posner, Isabel Galina Russell, Ann Cong-Huyen, Jacqueline Wernimont, Alice Staveley, Giovanna Ceserani, Pip Willcox, Alessandra Celati, Rita Lucarelli, Marisa Parham, Mar Hicks, Laura McGrath. Quinn Dombrowski will host a mentorship and strategy workshop. For futher details, email: We welcome all participants for the conference day and workshop.


Click here to register and for more details on participating.

The final program is now available.