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Medieval Calligraphy Workshop

Join us for a medieval calligraphy workshop with scribe, Cheryl Jacobsen, on January 24th, Tuesday, in Building 260, Room 216. All items will be provided upon arrival into the workshop. We will have vellum, parchment, paper, ink, and quill. There will be two separate sessions (9 am-10:30 am and 10:30 am-noon). RSVP with the workshop time of your interest is essential. RSVP by emailing eeyurek [at] (eeyurek[at]stanford[dot]edu). Let us know if you have any questions.


Cheryl Jacobsen is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Lettering at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. She teaches several semester-long calligraphy classes as well as a hands-on history class analyzing historical manuscripts. Her freelance work varies widely from design and lettering, to illustrations, assemblage & one-of-a kind books. She is the author of "A Modern Scribe Views Scribes of the Past” in Scraped, Stroked, and Bound: Materially Engaged Readings of Medieval Manuscripts, Brepols 2013.