Distortion Collegium (May 7-9)

Stanford Text Technologies will be hosting a three-day Collegium (May 7-9) on the theme of 'Distortion' in the transmission of textual objects. Scholars who specialize in textual studies from the Anglo-Saxon period to the twenty-first century will be discussing the ways in which different kinds of distortion shape the intentionality, materiality, and functionality of textual objects. Speakers include:

Ben Albritton (Stanford), Mark Algee-Hewitt (Stanford), Emma Cayley (Exeter), Paul Fyfe (North Carolina State), Tom O’Donnell (Fordham), Sarah Ogilvie (Stanford), Timothy Powell (Penn & American Philosophical Society), Colin Reeves-Fortney (Stanford), Giovanni Scorcioni (Facsimile Finder, Italy), Elizabeth Tyler (York), Greg Walker (Edinburgh)

  • The workshop will begin with dinner on the the 7th May, with presentations through the 8th and 9th May.
  • Each presentation-slot will be seventy-five minutes long. Speakers will introduce their scholarly focus and research for up to 45 minutes with a critical statement on ‘distortion’. Thirty minutes of collegial critique and commentary will ensue.

Please see the attached program for more details.